Ceramica Tiles + Design Adelaide Showcase Digitally Printed Tiles

Ceramica Tiles + Design Adelaide recently exhibited at the Sunday Mail Home & Garden Show at the Wayville Showgrounds in Adelaide. At the exhibition, they showcased the stunning digitally printed tiles produced by leading Italian tile manufacturer Impronta Ceramiche, including the Marmo D and Calacatta ranges.

Ceramica Tiles + Design Adelaide, leading importer of superior quality international ceramic tiles, recently showcased the new ranges of digitally printed tiles they now have on display in their Adelaide showroom.

The Sunday Mail Home & Garden Show was the venue, and Adelaide homeowners were able to see at first hand the stunning digitally printed tiles produced by leading Italian tile manufacturer Impronta Ceramiche, including the exquisite Marmo D and Calacatta ranges.

Digitally printed tiles are ceramic tiles that are manufactured and decorated so as to look like classic marble flooring or wall tiles.  This means that you can have the enduring elegance of marble or natural stone surfaces in your home combined with the durability and ease of installation and maintenance of modern ceramic tiles.

Anita Sweeting, Design Consultant at Ceramica Tiles + Design said, “These tiles really did make an impression on people, because they manage to reproduce a classic marble or natural stone look, but at the same time combine it with all the convenience and robustness of contemporary ceramic tiles, so you get the best of both worlds.   They were undoubtedly our highlight of the show and we expect them to become extremely popular very quickly.”

When these tiles are being manufactured, digital inkjet printing reproduces on the surface of a ceramic tile a high resolution image of the patterning found in high-quality marble or other natural stone.  These tiles are therefore not affected or corroded by moisture, heat or humidity as natural stone is, and yet still achieve an entirely natural, authentic look.  Being ceramic, it also means that these tiles will not fade in direct sunlight, become damaged by water, or suffer from excessive wear and tear, retaining their colour, look and appearance for many years to come, no matter the conditions.

“Another advantage of these tiles,” said Anita Sweeting, “is that they come in relatively large sizes, meaning it’s easy and straightforward to instal them.  And they really require almost no maintenance.  They don’t stain, dirt and mud doesn’t get ground into them, and they are simple to wash and clean.  Perfect for a bathroom or kitchen, or anywhere that gets a lot of traffic.”

Impronta Ceramiche have created a number of ranges of digitally printed tiles and their  Marmo D and Calacatta lines in particular are noted for their stunningly realistic representations of natural stone, in both polished and matt finishes.  The colours and shading of these tiles are designed to mirror the shapes and hues of natural stone and the effect is sophisticated and elegant, yet they are robust enough to stand up to the rigours of modern life. 

“We really encourage Adelaide homeowners to come into our showroom and have a look at these tiles for themselves,” said Anita Sweeting.  “People love the way they reproduce the refinement and charm of natural stone, while at the same time being a durable, low-maintenance floor or wall surface that can withstand everyday use.”