Lewis Construction Equipment Stocking The New Holland T4 Powerstar Range of Tractors

Lewis Construction Equipment, leading Adelaide supplier of high-quality agricultural machinery, are now stocking the range of T4 tractors from renowned manufacturer New Holland.

Lewis Construction Equipment is pleased to be able to offer to clients throughout Adelaide and South Australia the outstanding T4 range of tractors from New Holland.  These small but powerful tractors are low-maintenance, designed for operator comfort and have great versatility, meaning that they can be easily adapted to suit your specific needs and working environment.

The three models in the T4 range have different levels of horsepower available - T4:55, T4:65 and T4:75 - and each has an outstanding power-to-weight ratio combined with exceptional fuel economy.  All three models are equipped with F5C engines manufactured by FPT Industrial, which have two valves per cylinder for enhanced versatility and reliability, and are 100% biodiesel compliant.

The New Holland T4 series’ versatility means that these tractors can be put to work in any number of environments or industries.  “The T4 tractors are ideal for use in orchards, especially in places like the Adelaide Hills,” said Dylan Caldwell, of Lewis Construction Equipment.  “They are compact in size, which means they are a good width to fit between rows of trees, but the ROPS means that they are very stable and secure in an environment where the ground is steep or uneven.  There is a cabbed version available, as well as one with an optional canopy, and these come with FOPS protection technology which makes them a very safe tractor to operate when you’re doing something like slashing work in an orchard, for instance.”

Operator comfort has also been a priority in the design and construction of the New Holland T4 range, and the PowerStar™ cab provides a state-of-the-art working environment.  “If you’re using the tractor in a situation where you need to get in and out of the cab pretty often,” said Dylan Caldwell, “you will really appreciate how the cab in the T4 series is put together.  There is a super flat floor and the doors open extra wide, so it’s easy to get up and down if you need to get in and out a lot to use a forklift, for example.”

Another innovation in the PowerStar™ cab is the panoramic view that it offers which, when combined with the distinctive sloping nose of the T4 range, means that you have a clear and unobstructed view of what you’re doing all around the tractor, ideal for dairy farmers as it always possible to see what is in your front end loader bucket without difficulty.  In addition, the T4 range has dual zone air conditioning with 10 vents that can be individually positioned, meaning that you will always be working in comfort, no matter what the weather is like.

“The T4 range is undoubtedly one of the best tractors of its size and type that we’ve ever seen,” said Dylan Caldwell.  “Our clients really appreciate their reliability and the attention to detail in the design.  The T4 is very low-maintenance, with long 500 hour service intervals and the daily maintenance is quick and straightforward because the service points can all be reached from ground level.  This means that you have to spend less time keeping the machine in working order, and that it’s out there working longer for you.”
For a compact, powerful, fuel efficient tractor with enhanced safety features and design, that can be put to work in variety of environments and uses, it is hard to go past the outstanding T4 range from New Holland.  They offer outstanding reliability, adaptability and operator comfort, all rolled into one.